A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

update on update:

Seems the bugfix broke something else :-/

I've removed it for now. Nope, turns out that this issue was in the original as well! Never mind :-)


Some players reported crashes, so, per the rules (game-breaking bugs and those only may be fixed), I've put an updated (which I think fixes the problem) version (without removing the files originally submitted). It's clearly marked as a bugfix.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled text.


  • W.S.A.D. / arrows to move
  • space to pick-up / put-down lights or batteries


  • put down batteries (or lights) in the green ‘Evac’ zones to score points
  • … but you’ll also need them to power the lights, because no more lights is GAME OVER

answers to questions nobody has asked yet:

  • place batteries next to lights or conveyors to power them
  • new batteries spawn (increasingly slowly) in the red ‘Spawn’ zones
  • stuff that’s already powered can power stuff next to it
  • tip: lights can also be picked up, but won’t spawn!

original post:

WSAD/arrows and space.

There is a help screen.

This is an LD#39 entry, I can go to bed soon.


linux_electro_evac.zip 6 MB
source_code_folder.zip 24 kB
windows_electro_evac.zip 7 MB
_bugfix_WINDOWS_electro_evac__plus_src.zip 7 MB
_bugfix_LINUX_electro_evac__plus_src.zip 6 MB