A downloadable game for Windows and Linux


In game:

  • left-key: rotate the ship counter-clockwise
  • right-key: rotate the ship clockwise
  • space: go! boosts the ship
  • up-/down-leys: go through menu options
  • enter: select menu option (buy / sell)


Original submission page.


Trade. In Space!

Fly your little space-ship between small worlds, buying and selling trade items for ENERGON*, the universal resource / shield / future-money-replacement.

Well, until your luck runs out and the orange warning lights start blaring at least...

Fuel is automatically 'bought' from your ENERGON reserves (5 ENERGON to get a full tank) when you run out, but it's Game-Over when the ENERGON itself runs out!

*) I didn't realize this is an unintentional reference to a certain popular cartoon show until somebody pointed it out to me... sorry to get your hopes up!


  • Credz are earned everytime ENERGON is maxxed out at 100, but you still sell items.
  • You've made a Trip when you've landed (or crashed) on a planet that wasn't the same as the last planet you've landed on.

You've only got 2 cargo-holds, so use them wisely!

Oh, and watch out for the green 'farce-field' :wink:


  • Content Note: Oblique reference to alcohol.
  • Bug: Score-screen (on game over) may show score of the game *before* the one that just ended. :sweatdrop:
  • Workaround for bug: When game-over, go back to main, then select the 'continue' option (as opposed to start). It will now show the score for last time.
  • The help-screen may be a lot more confusing than the description here, sorry!
  • Font: Quirk Medium.
  • Made with: \ code: C++ & SDL2 (& some cleaned-up base code from last 2 times), \ images: The GIMP2, \ music: BeepBox.co, \ sounds-fx: Bfxr
  • The game(-files) itself (and source) is still identical to the one I uploaded before the end of the compo, but I have overhauled both this *description-page* and the *description* on itch.io completely!


liftoff_remco_ld38.zip 6 MB
src_liftoff_ld38.zip 54 kB
linux_liftoff_ld38.zip 10 MB

Install instructions

  1. Download the relevant zip for your OS (Wndows or Linux only).
  2. Unzip to a folder of your choice.
  3. (Linux only) If the executable itself doesn't work; start a terminal in the unzipped folder and execute 'start_game.sh'.
  4. Have fun. (Please?)