_More of a tech demo, really... Let me know what you think anyway!_

_The 4th level may or may not be impossible._


Drop the panel.

Click the sockets to move the wires.

There are some hints beneath the screenshot, although 'discovering how everything works' could (should??) be seen as part of the 'Start With Nothing' theme (besides the 'no controls').

Disclaimer: It's probably _not_ a good idea to remove wires from sockets with a screwdriver in real life.


Hints, Categorized By Spoileriness

 - To start the game: There's something simple you can do about that big upper panel.
 - You can pick up the end of a wire: click on a socket.
 - If you have a wire, you can place it in the same way (click on a socket).
 - If the big panel is suddenly there again, you've already won the previous level. However, there's a better way to tell if you're winning.


 - Click on the big upper panel until all screws have fallen out, to start the game proper.
 - Wires are powered (yellow) under certain conditions and not under others.
 - The 'modules' (below) are connected to the sockets _somehow_.
 - The mini-screen with 'goal' on it is closely related to the dial right below it. Do you see the connection?
 - Green LEDs have a single, clear, meaning. Almost the same for red LEDs, except on one type of module.
 - Modules have a character on them (near the LEDs, and this too is meaningful) and so have all of the sockets.


 - Try connecting a wire to from a socket with the same symbol on it as a green LED, to one that has the same symbol as one of the LEDs on the dial. What happens if you also power the other one?
 - Keep an eye on the arrow of the dial in relation to what's displayed on the screen over time.
 - Modules can have inputs and outputs. The battery has one output only, the dial has two inputs, no out. Some other modules have both; in this case, the output can be influenced by powering the input of that module.


Outright Telling How It Works:
 - The blue/red/green 'goal' blocks on the screen-module shows what color the arrow on the dial must be on each series of 4 seconds. A red cross if they don't match and a green check-mark if they do. Four check-marks wins the level and goes to the next.
 - The dial-module works as follows: No powered inputs -> arrow on blue, one powered input -> arrow on red, bot inputs powered -> arrow on green.
 - The thick yellow cylinder is a battery-module, it continuously powers one socket.
 - The thick green/red cylinder is a pulse-module, it powers a socket for one second out of every four.
 - The slim blue/translucent tube works as a delay, it stores some power and then powers a socket with it if enough is stored.
 - The big black chip is a 'NAND'-module. It powers its output socket unless _both_ of the inputs are powered.
 - Most of the sounds are there for atmosphere. Yes, this includes the telephone and machinery-like noise.
 - The blank module does nothing.

created for Ludum Dare #45 gamejam

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